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Mobile Waiter App (for Android devices)

The Orderserv Waiter App, is an Android app that can be used by waiters to place orders directly on the Orderserv web portal. Use of the app is unlimited, and comes free as part of the overall subscription. Using the app is optional and some prefer to stick to the traditional method of inputing the order on the web portal.

Add & Edit Orders

The app allows waiters to place new orders, edit existing orders and view the status of orders that are being prepared. Waiters can add additional items on to the order at anytime and also send custom messages within each order such as "no nuts, customer has allergy".

Place an order almost anywhere

The app works on any android device which has access to the internet via wifi or mobile data, this gives the flexibility to use the app almost anywhere. An order can be placed outdoors on a remote field and the Orders will be visible instantly on the web portal orders screens.