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Benefits of Orderserv

Reduced Order Times & Increased Service Levels

Paper based orders can easily get processed in the wrong sequence or even worse, misplaced. With OrderServ the orders are kept on the screen until the kitchen staff complete the items and mark them as done. Orders are displayed in a first come first serve order so no confusion about which order is next.

Low Cost - Perfect for New and Existing Businesses

Businesses can spend huge sums of money on an expensive EPOS system that is basically a glorified cash drawer. For a small monthly cost OrderServ can be used irrespective of how many different food preparations areas the system will be used in. Remember OrderServ is not just a till system but a complete order management system.

Eliminate Mistakes On Orders

Pen and pad can be illegible and each waiter will have their own way of writing down an order, this could lead to chefs wasting time deciphering orders and end up preparing the wrong order. On OrderServ orders are displayed in a clear and concise fashion resulting in kitchen staff not having problems reading the orders.

Easy & Simple to use

OrderServ can be set up in minutes with your menu and has a simple clear, clean and modern feel to it. Orders are displayed by tables or first in order and bills can easily be produced with one simple click. OrderServ was designed with restaurants and cafes in mind and this is reflected in its functionality and design.

Staff, Management and Owners

OrderServ has a simple three level system, Staff, Management and Owners. Staff cannot access any reports or any of the management data. They can simply manage orders on the system by taking them, completing and taking payment for them. Management accounts can administer staff accounts, menus and un-complete completed orders. Owners have access to all areas of the system including order history management and reports.