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Orderserv EPOS System

Orderserv is a modern cloud based EPOS system. It surpasses old outdated epos systems bringing new technologies together to provide a cost effective and simple epos for business owners. Orderserv allows orders to be placed via the mobile waiter app or the web portal. These orders are then showed instantly on order screens. Order screens can be located in a restaurant kitchen, or at a cafes counter, behind a bar or pretty much anywhere.

The system works as:

1. Restaurant epos
2. Restaurant system
3. Restaurant kitchen system
4. Restaurant pos
5. Waiter system
6. Mobile waiter app
7. Cafe system
8. Coffee shop pos
9. Event pos


How it works

1. Orders can be place via web portal or mobile waiter app

Web Portal

Mobile Waiter App

2. Orders sent instantly to multiple location order screens

Kitchen Order Screen

Drinks Bar Order Screen

Front of house payment area

No complicated epos hardware just simple computers and android devices.