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About Us

History and Beginings

Orderserv has a history in improving sevice levels in many businessess. We began our journey in 2006 where we developed one of the earliest Mobile Waiter Systems. The original system was a Windows based system bundled with PDA software for the Mobile Waiter. The concept was well ahead of its time and proved to be a success and has grown ever since. As technologies have changed and customer demands have changed the original system was redeveloped and implemented online to a Cloud based environment..

Over the years we have worked and learnt from user experience and have a product which is simple and to the point increasing service levels and kitchen productivity.

While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about the future. Orderserv is now at the forefront in Kitchen Order Management utilising Cloud Technologies for remote monitoring. We have a number of features planned including Management Alerts and other simple but useful additions.

The Team behind Orderserv

We are a UK based operation, who have extensive experience in Mobile and Cloud Technologies, combined with Business management. Our dedication to providing a simple and reliable service which business can depend on is paramount in the success of Orderserv. Being business owners ourselves we understand the need for high service levels and quality real time management.