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Features and Functionality

Orders Sent Instantly To Kitchen

As soon as a waiter adds an Order to the system it wil be visible in your kitchen and all Order screens. Orders can be placed via the online portal or using the Mobile Waiter App.

Multi Screen Order Management

Orderserv allows you to log on to the OrderServ system on as many PC's and locations that you want. A typical setup would be a PC at the front of the house acting as a till, a PC in the kitchen where staff can see kitchen orders and a PC in the drinks preperation area. Majority of our clients have additional PC's for order taking only.

In fact you can view your Orders from any location in the world!

Order Creation and Editing

Orders are created quickly and can be edited with ease. Orders can be split for billing purposes. Many of our existing users demanded this feature and is now included. You can specify custom options/instuctions for items on a order so passing mesages to kitchen staff.

Create Menus Quickly

You can build restaurant menus, cafe menus, pizza menus in fact any menu you like. Building menus is easy just, create categories and add items and add options such as "No Sugar".

Real Time Service Level Monitoring

Statistics for average order times, average spend, most populor menu items available for the last 60 minutes. Allowing management to identify problems in service. Reports for bestsellers and quantites available.

Management Reporting

Reports available for Bestsellers, Takings, Cancellations and Items sold by Categories all with flexible
date range searches. Also included is an order management tool to correct any order mistakes.