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Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Features and Functionality

1. How are new Orders added?
New Orders can be added from the Order Screen and/or via the Mobile Waiter App using any mobile android device!
2. Do you have a Mobile Waiter App?
Yes, waiters can place orders and edit orders via the Orderserv waiter app. Currently the app will work on all Android powered devices. The mobile waiter app is free to use. click here to view the app.
3. I dont understand what you mean by Order Screens?
Orders are visually displayed on an Order Screen. In a Restaurant you can have 1 Order Screen or many screens. You may have an Order Screen at front of house to act as a Point Of Sale / Till / Register and you may have an Order Screen in the Kitchen, you may also have an Order Screen at the drinks Bar. All of these screens will show the same Orders in Real Time. So any new Orders added by waiters will be visible to all areas of your business.
4. Can we create custom categories / menus?
Yes you can create whatever categories you like, and for each category you can add options. For example if you created the category Pizzas then you can add options to this catgory such as the toppings, Tuna, Salami and so on...
5. Can we send messages to the kitchen?
On every Order you can add custom options to any of the lines in that order. This allows waiters to send any instructions to the Kitchen / Drinks Bar. They can send an instruction for a specific item or for the whole order.
6. Can we see Reports such as Orders, Bestsellers and Items Sold?
There are a variety of managment reports including bestsellers, number of items sold, total order values and many more.
7. What about taking payments from my customers?
Taking Payments from your customers varies from business to business. For this reason Orderserv does not process any card payments. However you can finish an Order and see the Total value of the Order and each of its items. This enables you to use it as a sales register/till. Most of our customers have their own Card processing facilities.

Equipment & Technology

1. What equipment will I need?
All you need is a standard internet ready PC. You do not have to buy any expensive EPOS hardware or additional software. For each area you want an Order Screen such as a Kitchen you would need a PC. So if you wanted to display 3 Order Screens in your business then you would need 3 PC's. If your PC can surf the Net it will work with Orderserv. We recommed you use Firefox or Chrome as your Internet Browser.

Some businesses prefer a receipt printer and cash draw so we have arranged a special package through one of our partners, it includes a USB Thermal roll printer and cash draw click here to see printer package
2. Do I need to buy a cash register / till?
Simple answer is no, as OrderServ will display your customers bills. OrderServ is not linked with a Cash Draw so you would need to make arrangements to hold your cash somewhere. (waiter money bag or a seperate cash draw)
3. How can I print Bills for my customers?
You can attach almost all printers to Orderserv to print your Bills, including thermal receipt printers(minimum media width 80mm), some settings need to be adjusted on your side but most printer are supported.

If you require a receipt printer and cash draw we have arranged a special package through one of our partners, it includes a USB Thermal roll printer and cash draw click here to see printer package
4. My Service is slow?
OrderServ has been designed with speed and reliablity in mind, and is sitting on a dedicated Cloud environment which can be scaled depending on demand and usage. What this means is during peak times the servers automatically upscale to handle the demand. If you are exeriencing speed issues then it will be due to your local internet connection. You would need to make sure you have internet access..

Security & Privacy

1. How is all my data kept safe?
Orderserv is using the latest in encryption and security technologies. The connection to Orderserv is secured by a  256-bit AES encryption using recognized SSL certificates. You will see a Padlock symbol in your browser.
2. What if I need to see my Orders?
You have access to all your Orders in the Reports area.

Support & Help

1. Do you offer support?
OrderServ is very reliable and our customers using the system around the clock is proof of this. Most of the issues faced by our customers are related with customers own internet problems or problem with the device they are using to run Orderserv. These issues are outside our support but we can still help you out if required. We offer support for non urgent issues via emails. For urgent issues we may also call you and help you out.
2. I want an additional feature, can you help?
Yes so many features on OrderServ have come about because of our customers. If there is a special feature you want you can make a request via your account area. Request are looked at and then a decision is made on how it can be implemented.

Billing & Accounts

1. How do I pay for the service?
When you first sign up you will make your first payment, this same card will be charged automatically at the start of every month. All payments are handled securely using the latest in encryption standards.
2. How do I cancel my account / service?
Cancellation is easy. You make an easy cancellation request in your account area. we do not refund any difference if you decide to cancel your service before the end of the payment cycle


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